BSc & MSc Thesis

BSc and MSc theses related to the lab.

Year Author Title Degree Supervisor
2021 Tóth R. P. Fusion of travel times and cross section traffic flow measurement data MSc Tettamanti, T., Varga B.
2021 Vízi I. P. Traffic control for the M3 motorway's Gödöllő - M0 section with the application of a route recommendation system MSc Tettamanti, T., Luspay T.
2021 Omar H. Implementation of reinforcement learning in freeqay scenario with variable speed limit control (VSL) MSc Tettamanti, T.
2021 Tőkés L. Simulation design for the ZalaZONE Smart City Zone's traffic light control system BSc Tettamanti, T., Gressai M.
2021 Szabó A. Application of the MATSim traffic simulator software for activity chain optimization. BSc Tettamanti, T., Esztergár-Kiss D.
2021 Zaid, K. Application of Artificial Intelligence in Road Traffic: Data Mining and Clustering MSc Varga, B.
2021 Gressai, M. Roundabout turning rate estimation based on state space theory methods MSc Tettamanti, T.
2021 Julio, Cesar L. L. Assessment of electric micromobility usage by applying a travel behavior survey and a stated preference experiment MSc Esztergár-Kiss, D.
2021 Zelalem, B. B. Microscopic Traffic Simulation to Investigate the Impact of Automated Vehicles on Road Traffic Emission MSc Tettamanti, T.
2020 Nagy, G. Development of a wireless communication unit for autonomous gokart BSc Varga, B.
2020 Zagabria, C.B. Developing a model to select and rank sustainable workplace mobility plan measures MSc Esztergár-Kiss, D.
2020 Punyi, E. Applicability of laser traffic counter BSc Tettamanti, T.
2020 Stahorszki, P.B. Estimation of traffic parameters with the help of artificial intelligence MSc Tettamanti, T.
2020 Szalai, M. Sensor modeling for virtual automotive testing MSc Varga, B.
2019 Ormándi, T. Vehicle Dynamics modeling with Unity 3D for Vehicle in the Loop testing BSc Varga, B.
2019 Ayats Marsal, P. Alternative navigation system for autonomous vehicles using AI in case of GNSS signal loss MSc Tettamanti, T.
2019 Sukupčák, M. Diverging diamond interchange in urban environment BSc Tettamanti, T.
2019 Vizi, I.P. Application of route guidance system for freeway traffic control BSc Luspay, T.; Tettamanti, T.
2019 Kerényi, T. Definition of mobility packages in the MaaS framework MSc Esztergár-Kiss, D.
2019 Maximcsuk, B. Determining maximum achievable flows of autonomous vehicles based on macroscopic fundamental diagram MSc Tettamanti, T.
2019 Rodrigues de Almeida, S. Optimization of daily chain activity for tourists: an application of Prize Collecting Traveling Salesman Problem (PCTSP) MSc Esztergár-Kiss, D.
2019 Shulha, Y. Analysis of individual travel behaviour and promotion of sustainable mode choice using a route-planning application MSc Esztergár-Kiss, D.
2019 Szabó, Zs.D. Control of PreScan software via microscopic road traffic simulator BSc Varga, B.
2019 Tóth, R. P. Methodology for performance analysis of road traffic control strategies BSc Tettamanti, T.
2019 Xuan, F. Online Calibration of Microscopic Road Traffic Simulator MSc Tettamanti, T.
2018 Gressai, M. Comparison of different types of roundabouts and signalized intersections depending on traffic and infrastructural parameters BSc Tettamanti, T.
2018 Ignáth, B. Design of overtaking assistance system for freeway BSc Bede, Zs.
2018 Tóth, B. Sustainable mobility planning with heuristic methods BSc Esztergár-Kiss, D.
2018 Gyöngyösi, Gy. Traffic situation analysis for autonomous cars using neural networks BSc Tettamanti, T.
2018 Szalai, M. Vehicle-In-the-Loop tests for autonomous vehicle using microscopic traffic simulation BSc Tettamanti, T.
2018 Tamaskovics, G. Safety analysis of the road traffic controller MSc Tettamanti, T.
2017 Béres, O. Data mining and GIS analysis of the bicycle-sharing system of Budapest (MOL BUBI) MSc Tettamanti, T.
2017 Zentai, Zs. Assessment of autonomous public transportation by using VISSIM traffic simulator BSc Tettamanti, T.
2017 Barta, T. Development of fuel consumption  system with mobile application MSc Varga, B.
2017 Maximcsuk, B. Urban traffic modeling by Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram using traffic simulation BSc Tettamanti, T.
2017 Mészáros, É. Including car-sharing service into the process of travel planning MSc Esztergár-Kiss, D.
2017 Németh, Á. Z. Analysis and categorization of traffic situations for autonomous vehicle control systems MSc Tettamanti, T.
2017 Pintér, Á. Comparative analysis of autonomous and traditional road traffic systems BSc Tettamanti, T.
2016 Kerek T. Modeling of autonomous vehicles in SUMO traffic simulator BSc Tettamanti, T.
2016 Kováts, O. Analysis and assessment of pedestrian crossing BSc Esztergár-Kiss, D.
2016 Maász, R. Improving safety of pedestrian crossings with automatic pedestrian detection system BSc Tettamanti, T.
2016 Tóth, A. Application development to support the P+R parking in Budapest BSc Esztergár-Kiss, D.
2015 Balázs, P. The application possibilities of variable message signs BSc Esztergár-Kiss, D.
2015 Barta, T. Development of device for gasoline consumption measurement and related mobile application BSc Tettamanti, T.
2015 Béres, O. Analysis of capacity drop in the vicinity of road closure using microscopic traffic simulation BSc Csikós, A., Tettamanti, T.
2015  Gráf, T. Estimation of origin-destination matrix using genetic algorithm Tettamanti, T. MSc
2015 Győri, T. Analysis of the traffic light system in the town of Kaposvár BSc Bede Zs.
2015 Jenes, G. Distribution concept for bicycle-sharing system of Budapest (BUBI) Tettamanti, T. MSc
2015 Krizsik, N. Variable Message Sign system of Budapest and its development potentials on highway M3 BSc Tettamanti, T.
2015 Németh, T. Analysis of bus stop validator position concerning the Budapest electronic ticket system BSc Esztergár-Kiss, D.
2015 Pásztor, P. Public transit priority in the city of Pécs BSc Bede Zs.
2015 Tamaskovics, G. Wireless and distrubuted  traffic control for signalized intersection BSc Tettamanti, T.
2014 Horváth, M.T. Travel time estimation in urban traffic network using data fusion Tettamanti, T. MSc
2014 Lukács, J. Analysis concerning the entrance gate position in Budapest metro system MSc Esztergár-Kiss, D.
2014 Nagy, E. Analysis and application of the Two-fluid traffic model MSc Tettamanti, T.
2014 Tarr, L. Perimeter traffic control on main urban arterials Csikós, A., Tettamanti, T. MSc
2014 Radics, M. Optimal and dynamic public bus schedule: control strategy and implementation possibilites in the "FUTÁR" project of Budapest BSc Tettamanti, T.
2013 Dudola, T. Comparison, measurement and development of road and rail passenger transport’s service quality BSc Esztergár-Kiss, D.
2013 Fábián, T. Demonstration of the process and role of traffic disturbance prevention BSc Esztergár-Kiss, D.
2013 Gráf, T. Development of traffic dependent green time coordination algorithm BSc Tettamanti, T.
2013 Horváth, M.T. Comparative evaulation of automatic freeway incident detection algorithms  BSc Tettamanti, T.
2013 Jenes, G. Smart signal heads for road traffic control BSc Tettamanti, T.
2013 Ludvig, Á. OD matrix estimation based on real-time traffic parameters Hujter, M., Tettamanti, T. MSc
2012 Arnócz, I. Analysis of MÁV passenger information system and development of an integrated journey planner application Esztergár-Kiss, D. MSc
2012 Bíró, S. Development of control software for Swarco VMSs BSc Tettamanti, T.
2012 Halbrucker, T. Precision enhancement of GPS based traffic control and passenger information systems Esztergár-Kiss, D. MSc
2012 Ludvig, Á. Traffic parameter estimation in urban road networks based on radio signaling data BSc Tettamanti, T., Demeter, H.
2012 Polgár, J. Analysis of compartmental traffic models Kulcsár, B., Luspay, T., Varga, I. MSc
2012 Zsiborás, R. Data processing analysis of electronic fare collection systems Esztergár-Kiss, D. MSc
2011 Kaderják, P. Elaboration of aspects regarding the establishment and verification of bus lanes BSc Esztergár-Kiss, D.
2010 Csikós, A. Modeling and LQ optimal control of freeway traffic emissions Varga, I. MSc
2010 Dohány, M. Design and analysis of signal plans for coordinated railway-road intersections in Gödöllő Tettamanti, T. MSc
2010 Lember, M. Design of a positioning system based on ultrasonic BSc Varga, I.
2010 Orsó, T. Modeling and developing IP based control system for ACTROS traffic controllers BSc Tettamanti, T.
2010 Polgár, J. Development of bus priority algorithm for ACTROS VTC 3000 traffic controller BSc Tettamanti, T.
2009 Kiss, S. Collection of CAN data from HGVs for maintenance planning purposes Varga, I. MSc
2009 Reményi, G. Development of the system architecture and software of a microcomputer for data archiving purposes from automotive CAN networks Varga, I. MSc
2009 Kopcsányi, S. Development of monitoring and data communication system for ACTROS traffic controllers Tettamanti, T. MSc
2009 Kiss, O. Congestion reduction opportunities at urban intersections by dynamic control Tettamanti, T., Varga, I. MSc
2008 Zeke, V. Development opportunities of dynamic control algorithms at signalized urban intersections Varga, I. MSc
2007 Tettamanti, T. Freeway traffic control by coordination of ramp metering and variable speed limits Varga, I. MSc
2006 Luspay, T. Automatic incident detection and development possibilities Varga, I. MSc
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