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Thesis specification sheet


Department Thesis Topics


Support for thesis elaboration is provided by a lecturer of the Department (Consultant or University Supervisor) and in most cases an external expert of the topic (External Supervisor). Consultation with the supervisors has to be regular and continuous. If the amount of consultations or the progress of the documentation is not suitable, the thesis cannot be submitted!


Please note that application for Master’s Thesis course can be taken if allthe obligatory subjects have been completed!


Topic and title of the thesis should be determined in cooperation with the supervisors. Students have to prepare thedraft of the thesis by the fourth week of the semester. Based on this draft the Consultant composes the specification sheet of thesis, which contains the final title, 3-5 bullet points about the content, name of the External Supervisor and Final Examination subjects. Please note that after the submission of the specification sheet these data cannot be modified!


Two copies of specification sheet are issued. Both of them contain the evaluation sheet on the back side. One of the copies has to be bound into the printed thesis, while the other has to be handed in as a separate document (but at the same time, as the thesis). Both of them have to be signed by the External Supervisor and the Consultant.


The main part of thesis (besides contents and appendix) consists of 60-80 pages. Figures and charts in the text should not be larger than 1 or 2 pages (more extensive ones should be placed in appendix).

Bind order of Master’s Thesis:

  • title page,

  • one copy of the specification sheet (with the evaluation sheet on the back side),

  • contents,

  • main text,

  • conclusion,

  • lists of figures and charts,

  • references and

  • appendices.


Deadline of thesis submission is the last day of classes. The thesis has to be submitted in one printed copy to the Consultant (which will be returned to the student after the successful Final Examination). It has to be printed on A4 size, white pages (on one or on both sides). 12-point size font and 1.15…1.5 line-spaces should be used for normal text. (See also the template issued by the Department.) Title of the case with golden letters: “Master’s thesis” in the middle, name and year (under the name) in the right bottom corner.


In the same time, the thesis has to be submitted in electronic form (pdf format) through the thesis portal of the faculty ( A one-page abstract of thesis has to be also uploaded to the portal (as a separate file).


After submission an external, independent Opponent reviews the Master’s Thesis. The Opponent is chosen by the Consultant. Two grades are suggested for the thesis, one by the Opponent and one by the Consultant, but the final grade is determined by Final Examination Committee.


Students will receive a grade for Master’s Thesis course, which qualifies their work and diligence during the semester. This is determined by the Consultant and can differ from the grade of thesis.


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